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The Old Market House

A place for heritage, community, creating, learning and working.

A Kilcooley Women’s Centre project, The Old Market House has been a landmark in the centre of Bangor since the 18th Century. Over the last two centuries it has been a market house, a courthouse, an infant school, Bangor’s Town Hall and, most recently, a bank.

Empty since 2019, this iconic building is now entering the next phase of its existence. Purchased by Kilcooley Women’s Centre (KWC) in 2020, the vision is to regenerate The Old Market House into a vibrant heritage, community and enterprise space


Space For Creative Minds

Gifted is a leading provider of innovative training and workspace solutions, catering to individuals and organisations throughout Northern Ireland. 

Located in The Old Market House in the heart of Bangor, Gifted’s mission is to uplift lives and communities by offering an extensive array of support services. As well as being immersed in the heritage of this iconic building, Gifted strives to empower the community, fostering resilience, confidence, and self-esteem, ultimately enabling everyone to unleash their full potential.

Gifted at the Old Market House is not just a place; it’s a commitment to creating a space where everyone can flourish. Located on the first floor, a dynamic business hub offers a range of facilities for co-working, offices, and hot desk spaces. This space provides a vibrant and flexible environment for businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals to thrive.


Gifted’s extensive portfolio of programmes encompasses personal development initiatives designed to foster self-confidence and improve overall health and well-being. A focus on Education, Training & Employability creates training and educational opportunities to promote economic and social inclusion, develop leadership skills, and enhance employment prospects.

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Kilcooley Women's Centre

Kilcooley Women’s Centre (KWC) is an established and well-respected women’s and family centre based in Bangor, Co Down.

KWC has been a key provider of community and family-based services in North Down since 1995. The centre works collaboratively with statutory agencies and other community and voluntary sector organisation with the aim of improving the lives of residents of Kilcooley, Bangor and the surrounding areas.

Kilcooley Women’s Centre operates across four sites and a range of activities:

  • The Old Market House – Heritage,  and Community;
  • Square One, 1 Kilcooley Square – Community Wellbeing Hub and Social Supermarket;
  • Balloo Avenue Training Centre – Skills, Training and Personal Development;
  • Ladybird’s Family & Children’s Centre – Dedicated Childcare Facility for Families.

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