Heritage Boost for Bangor

Preserving Bangor’s Heritage: A New Chapter Begins

Unveiling Bangor’s Treasures: With the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund, KWC aims to unlock the secrets and forgotten history of Bangor’s past and showcase its unique heritage to the world. The Old Market House, steeped in history and charm, will serve as a focal point for heritage engagement activities, including:

  1. Oral History Collection: Through oral history projects, residents and visitors will have the opportunity to share their stories, memories, and experiences of Bangor. These invaluable narratives will be preserved for future generations, providing insight into the town’s evolution over time.

  2. Heritage Skills Workshops: From traditional crafts to modern conservation techniques, heritage skills workshops will offer hands-on learning experiences for participants of all ages. These interactive sessions will help to revive traditional practices and create a deeper appreciation for Bangor’s heritage craftsmanship.

  3. Programmes and Events: There will be a diverse range of programmes and events designed to engage the community and ignite a passion for heritage. From guided heritage walks to themed exhibitions and cultural festivals, there will be something for everyone to enjoy and explore.


Get Involved: As we embark on this exciting journey, We invite residents, volunteers, and heritage enthusiasts to get involved and be part of Bangor’s heritage revival. Whether you have stories to share, skills to impart, or simply a love for local history, there are countless opportunities to contribute and make a difference.

Stay tuned for updates and upcoming events as we embark on this exciting heritage journey together!